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by Rolland Love
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River's Edge (Ozark Mountains Series) by Rolland Love
Rolland Love
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What reader's had to say ...

"I loved mystery suspense novels Blue Hole and the sequel River's Edge. I would read them again in a heart beat. ❤️ Exciting and hard to put down."

"Love's characters are so well done I could see them clearly in my mind's eye while I was reading."

✔️ What AMAZON KINDLE said about author Love. "Rolland Love's writing transfigures his Ozark Mountains stories into a series of fantastic tales Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer could have only dreamed of. Wonderful Mark Twain style of prose."

"I found River's Edge difficult to put it down. It takes place in the Ozark Mountains, an area I have never been in. So the descriptions of the rugged hill country, animals and vegetation were of interest to me. This is a story that has a beginning, a complicated and lengthy middle plus an exciting end. It has a great deal of suspense and twists and turns. However it never feels contrived, just as true as happening in real life. I look forward to reading another book by Rolland Love. Cardi corgi momma "dog lover" (southern California) -

"Blue Hole and River's Edge are set in a remote area of the Ozark Mountains on the Jacks Fork River. A spring fed stream named by Life Magazine as one of the most scenic fishing and float streams in the world. What author Love has done with River's Edge is he aged the brother's Dub (12) and Tommy (15) in Blue Hole by fifty years and makes them grandfather's who take their grandson's back to where a murder occurred the last time they were at Blue Hole in1949 fifty years earlier.

“I read Blue Hole and it was excellent Story Telling … Captivating narrative and point of view through the eyes of a 15 year old boy. Accompanied by his younger brother they go on a camping trip. They encounter a series of startling events that force them to face their own inner fears. The tension grows as the story continues until the reader becomes almost afraid to turn the next page. I'll be reading the SEQUEL River’s Edge, guaranteed.” By Lloyd Tackitt, book reviewer.


“It all started with the discovery of a human leg bone grandson Nick found sticking out of a gravel bar and ended with, of all things, Tommy attending a sermon preached by brother Dub at his country church.
Tommy had a strange mission the first night he and his grandson’s were camped at the Blue Hole. He found himself outside the tent under the light of a full moon ready to dig up the human leg bone Nick had discovered.
He looked around when he thought he heard something behind him. He figured one of the boy’s might have crawled out of their tent. What would he say if they caught him digging? He wanted the bone for himself? His heart pounded and sweat ran into his eyes. He gritted his teeth when he pushed the shovels metal blade into the gravel. In the quiet darkness under the light of a full moon, the scraping sound was haunting.
He thought about the two men who were murdered the last time he and his brother, Dub, were camped there in the summer of 1949 when they were boy’s. What kind of strange event would it be, if fifty years later, the leg bone belonged to the killer?

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